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Shukokai / Shito-Ryu Karate Seminar


Soke Kunio Miyake (8th Dan) Shuko-Kai International

Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th June 2019

Glasgow Club Maryhill

34 Gairbraid Avenue, Glasgow G20 8YE

Soke Kunio Miyake (8th Dan) is returning to Glasgow, Scotland for a Shukokai / Shito-Ryu Karate seminar. This is a rare opportunity to train with one of the world's top Shukokai / Shito-Ryu instructors.

Soke Kunio Miyake is the founder of Shuko-Kai International (SKI). Born in 1946, he began teaching martial arts in Japan, while at the same time teaching modern Japanese language and literature at high school level. Miyake Sensei moved to the United States in 1985 and quickly established Shuko-Kai U.S.A. in Southern California with permission of Shuko-Kai Tani-ha Shito-Ryu Soke Chojiro Tani.

He currently holds an official U.S.A. National Karate-Do Federation (U.S.A.N.K.F.) 8th Dan Black Belt in Karate-do an
d a 6th Dan Black Belt in Shorinji Kempo Aiki-Jujitsu. His instructor's licenses were issued by the All-Japan Karate-do Federation and the World Shorinji Kempo Federation in 1978 in Japan. He is also Soke / President of Nippon Toho Iai-Do Renmei Shuko-kai. 

Miyake Sensei was the All-Japan Champion in Shito-Ryu Shuko-Kai in 1982 and the 1988 U.S.A Karate Federation National Champion. He was also selected to be the representative at the All-Japan Martial Arts Demonstration (Budosai); a distinctive honour due to the fact representatives are chosen from Japan based on their superior skills in their respective arts.

Seminar programme (confirmed):

Friday 14th June 2019

6.00 pm - 9.00 pm : Instructors' Licence seminar (KKD Shukokai & SKI members only)

Please Note: The Instructors' Licence seminar is being held in The Scout Hall, 66 Ripon Drive, Kelvindale, Glasgow.

Saturday 15th June 2019

9.30 am - 11.00 am : Session 1 - Kata (part 1)
1.15 am - 12.45 pm : Session 2 - Kata (part 2) 
1.15 pm -  2.45 pm : Session 3 - Kihon and Kumite

  3.00 pm -  4.30 pm : Session 4 - Miyake Shuko-kai Jujitsu

Sunday 16th June 2019 

9.45 am - 11.15 am : Children Only session (aimed at primary school aged children)
11.30 am -   1.00 pm : Session 5 - Kumite
1.30 pm -   3.00 pm : Session 6 - Miyake Shuko-kai Jujitsu

  3.15 pm -   4.45 pm : Grading (KKD Shukokai & SKI members only)

The Kata sessions will be geared to a range a grades (junior grades working on Shiho-zuki Kata and / or Pinan Kata on the first session) and Seiru (Juroku) and / or Jiin (depending on the experience of those in attendance) on the second session.  The senior grades will work on Superrinpe (advanced kata and bunkai) over both sessions.

The Kihon & Kumite session (Saturday) will focus on Soke Miyake’s Shuko-Kai International Combinations and Yakusoku Kumite.

The Children's Only session (Sunday) is aimed at Primary School aged children of all grades.

The Miyake Jujitsu sessions are open to all ages and grades.




Booking Form for seminar (KKD Shukokai and SKI members wishing to attend the Instructors’ seminar and / or the grading please contact the seminar organiser directly for information, etc.)

Click here for Booking Form